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    Elusive eJuice

    About this Brand:

    After working in the Vape Retail Scene for 3+ years and vaping way back before it was cool, Wesley Bringer, founder of Grindhouse Eliquid, Fog Chaser Vapes, Elusive, and Salvage set out to make flavor profiles no one had ever experienced and combinations no one expected.

    Rooted in the depths of Missouri , they were founded in 2015 by accident. Wes would make juice for his own personal use. After friends tried these a local following ensued and his phone began to ring off the hook with orders from retail shops for products he didn't even have. He quickly established an ISO 7 Certified Lab and got to work. With little to no advertising, the word of mouth spread like wild fires and it has been non stop ever since. 

    MOQ & Minimum Retail Pricing:  

    • 100ml Bottles - $25.00
    • No MOQ

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