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    MadMan Liquids

    About this Brand:

    Our Madman crazy series may sound like just another regular fruit flavored e-liquid. The truth is that they’re anything but regular. Every single one of these fruit flavors were crafted to taste like the fruit at its best. Our liquids are known and vaped around the globe and have won several best in show and best fruit awards internationally. These flavors will become all day vapes to many end users because of their savoury “spot on” flavors. For the crazy series, we use salt nicotine for our 3 milligram and 6 milligram flavors which makes the experience “extra smooth”. We know you will enjoy these flavors as much as we enjoy making them!  

    MOQ & Minimum Retail Pricing:  

    • 100ml Bottles - $24.99
    • MOQ 10 Bottles

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