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    Puff Monster eJuice

    About this Brand:

    Puff Monster, the creator of his self-titled e-liquid line based in a secret, undisclosed location, is a self-proclaimed vape connoisseur who’s been involved in the vape industry since its inception. Some say he may have invented vaping, but that’s up for debate.

    Puff Monster spent the last couple years, since 2014, involved in heavy research, development, mixing, and testing on his home planet. After seeing the harmful effects tobacco was having on humanity, Puff Monster decided to bump up his planned launch date from May 2174 to March 2016, bringing his creations to the people of Earth, and combat the evils of tobacco in the form of what he considers the best e-liquid ever made.

    MOQ & Minimum Retail Pricing: 

    • 120ml Bottles - $25.00
    • MOQ 5 Bottles (from all Triton Distribution lines) 

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