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    Ruthless Nicotine Salt

    About this Brand:

    The Ruthless line just got Salty! Love our flavors but use low wattage devices? Don't worry because we've tailored our flavors just for you!

    Ruthless is proud to present our new nicotine salts e-liquid collection. Nicotine salts have high nicotine levels and are used in low wattage devices so you can vape all day with ease. Our experts in the lab have found two key components lacking in the salt nic market: smoothness and flavor. With that in mind, our mixologists have worked tirelessly on perfecting our most popular flavors to deliver you a well-crafted product to make your day even better. You will notice the velvety throat hit that Ruthless is known for and a flavorful punch that hits all the right notes. You can find our nicotine salt e-juices in 30 ml bottles and 35/50 mg nicotine strength. Bon appetit and have fun exploring our mouthwatering flavors!

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    • 30ml Bottles - $14.00
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